💡Feature Idea: move murals across accounts

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Hey MURAL when are we going to be able to move murals across accounts? This is an immensely important feature for consultants that causes LOTS of consternation with our clients. There is no transportability. Feedback: the export Mural files feature is essentially useless.

Your competitor has this feature already. :-)

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
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    Oh yeah, it would be helpful to download a file with the mural and upload it in another account. Or sending it via Mural's platform. Might be useful at times for consultants e. g. to sell a workshop template or a workshop and not starting from scratch to build it up if you have to work on the customer's Mural workspace.

    Wouldn't it be possible to solve this by inviting your user to a customer's workspace and making it a "member"? Then you would have two workspaces to switch and copy between, or wouldn't that work?

  • Manuel, I have that now and the workflow does not work. Copy and paste doesn't work across the browser tabs/windows. Especially on private to government equipment.

  • This would really help - in my case I started a mural in the free version and then have been setup in my client's enterprise license - looks like I'll have to redo all my work :-(

  • I am starting a new job and want to bring Murals that I created with me so I don't have to do that work again. Export and import function would work.

  • Hello there, Mural folks!

    Have you seen this feature idea? Is there a possibility to make it less manual?

    Nowadays the process is pretty manual and requires high admin privileges in the Workspace. It essentially works like @manuel mentioned and we have done it occasionally. But, several people from both companies have to get involved to make it happen.

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