What do you normally send clients after collaboration sessions in MURAL?

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Anyone have a good wrap up or summarization method or template?


  • @Bernard Love the phrase "harvesting work"!

  • The creation of posters for clients is a great idea @Owen !

  • I'm having such difficulty with exporting to PDF on Mural at the minute. It's really putting a stint in doing this for clients

  • Download all Murals as PNG and send them to attendees converting them multipage Pdf:s. Process takes time as during some of the sessions we may create well over 10 murals per day.

  • I typically download it as a PDF to attach to an email after our workshop sessions. We also upload the PDFs to our client's Drive or Confluence pages for later reference and share the link in an accessible place. Our Murals tend to remain points of reference multiple times over the course of working with us so it's important to be easily searchable and accessible for our clients.

  • Usually I export the image and send it by email or upload it in the customer's Confluence server.

  • iva
    iva MCN

    I create a little video recap of the experience and create a pdf report for leaders to share.

  • @RNDESIGN - Love that idea! Please submit it to Feature Ideas 👀🧠⚡

  • Chris_W
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    Most of my clients have difficulty with large format .pdf or .png files, so we just screen grab sections and paste them into a PowerPoint, which is a commonly understood format for most of our clients. If we sequence it correctly, it is narrative that directs them to the next action. 😀

  • frabo
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    We usually seek to copy all additional material (e.g. Voting results) into the Mural and export as PDF. This requires some planning as @kelex pointed out, in order to show the process. Sometimes we also make screenshots of intermediate states, for example after a brainstorm session and before sorting and aggregating content in order not to lose any idea. But I also love the ideas from @RNDESIGN and @iva. Little video is fancy and certainly getting noticed. We are also are testing direct embedding in wiki pages. This does not always work, dependent on security aspects on site, but when it does, it's great.

  • manuel
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    Because we come from a on-site-workshop culture with lots of photos and powerpoint slides after a workshop, I set the board to "view only" and make a copy of it to allow the team to continue working on it or vice versa.

    Then I export the board as PDF and PNG and copy all of the relevant stickies' contents to an Excel list (yes, old school, but helpful for many to collect the contents and process it further). Sometimes I also create a short slide deck with screenshots of the mural and some additional information about the methods used (e.g. "persona - how does it work?") and I like to share the usually very positive feedback from "I like, I wish" about the workshop with the one who asked for the workshop.

    As you can see, this is very traditional and very close to the documentation of an on-site workshop. This is still a long road until people will just want the link to the mural and keep on working on it. Currently I think, this "snapshot" approach is required to save the results of a specific session and to make it easier to "see" the results.

  • This varies a lot on how my service or project collaboration is set-up.

    But I normally - an no extra effort (costs)

    • provide participants them (read-only) guest access to the board
    • provide client (representative) full access to the board (if he/she) has MURAL confidence (transfer a board copy to their workspace)

    Optional - I prepare post-event summaries that can vary from

    • cleaned up and re-organised board (content) so also non-participants can navigate the content easier
    • pdf- or jpg-snippets from sections of the board (so client can use as assets)
    • LOOM Video narrating the workshop journey and board sections

    ALWAYS - after the workshop 'I send the client' an INVOICE for my services :)

  • manuel
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    Thank you @jfrumau for sharing, esp. for the LOOM hint. I've not known that one yet :-)

    And great to know that your customers "take over" the Mural after the workshop and that they might work with it afterwards. Great!

  • TechBloom
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    Hi all and OP @stefanviragh, we usually create a last step on the flow wich becames a resume.

    Then we order a little bit the messy stuff to be presented to other stakeholders that haven't participated to the workshop.

    We also document as a resume of all that happened during the sessions and the conclusions.

    We provide all of this to the client:

    • the mural link
    • the documentation part

  • Hey all!

    We also tend to 'clean up' the Mural a bit and send it out as a PDF (having spent ample amounts of time designing the board beforehand, so we're able to do this fairly quickly afterwards).

    We've also found it really helpful to keep the boards open for participants to access for a defined amount of time afterwards and only then sending the PDF. This allows them to integrate their new learnings/thoughts and throw some new ideas on there after a good night's sleep (or 2).