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Christina ✭✭✭✭
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Today was my last day of classes after a semester full of using 1 to 3 murals in every class, every time, and my heart was pounding as I asked them to take the last 15 minutes to share their honest thoughts about how the semester went. Above are screenshots of their comments, which, if you don't happen to speak German, all clearly indicate that the use of Mural was a major highlight for them across the board. The only negative point they mentioned at all was irritation that their teammates held them back sometimes because they were not as creative as the others would have liked!

They said they loved using Mural because it helped them work better together, to summarize in shorter and more creative, visual forms, and to be more creative. More "sunshine" was that they could express their creative side, that it offered so many possibilities, that working with a future-ready tech helped them develop as people, and that even though it was the same program each time, every class was so different bec. of all the things you can do with it.

Other course highlights for them were how Mural helped them develop soft skills, that they could work together and get support from everyone, and that everyone helped and respected each other.

I only asked them to talk about the class, without any further specification, but you can see how much Mural was on their minds.

Wind in their sails included that Mural was so easy to use, that Mural had made working together a lot more productive and more fun, that every Mural had good and detailed instructions (thank you, outline function!), that it was possible to see everything in one place (here the super-sharp pngs of each Mural that I could then place on one Overview of Co-Creations page were invaluable), connection between different murals developing into topic blocks, creative ways to present, group work, and the personal relationship with the team.

It is no exaggeration to say ALL these points relate to this tech. It was so rewarding to hear their experience was as great as mine - thank you, MURAL!!!


  • Ward
    Ward Mural Team mod

    @Christina - Thank you sharing this. We at MURAL are so happy to have been a supporting actor in your remarkable teaching production...having witnessed your students in action last week, it is clear that all the effort you put forth was very impactful.

    Enjoy the much deserved break! Look forward to continuing our collaboration in the next semester...and beyond!

  • Wow Christina - thank you for sharing! I have to say, you can make a MURAL beautiful, creative, with awesome content but as is with any class it is the professor and how they facilitate and deliver the content and enable the collaboration that brings a class to life and makes it a valuable, fun learning experience. KUDOS TO YOU for the creativity, and passion you bring to teaching!

  • Sasha
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    @Christina - Thanks so much for sharing this, I totally agree with @EmmaS KUDOS TO YOU! We couldn't be happier that you chose MURAL as the platform for your incredible creativity and passion! So excited to see what the future holds for you, your students, and MURAL!!