Using MURAL as an interactive wedding invitation

After my wedding was streamed live and we also planned a zoom call with the guests who could not come, we were looking for an easy way to invite people to our virtual wedding and at the same time share all the necessary links.

We ended up with this MURAL.

An additional idea was, that people can also leave their greetings there. That was the moment we realised that not all invited people will know how to handle and use MURAL even when we tried to show what they have to do on the MURAL itself.

At the end we decided to make it more simple and we switched to linktree.

But I still wanted to share this with you, because for the people who could come in person we used MURAL to generate an PDF for your digital invitation. For me as a person who is familiar with Affinity or Adobe its a kinda "aha-moment". I can use MURAL to create an interactive invitation, and with just some little changes I can use the same tool to create even an invitation for people who will come in person.

Maybe we see in the future a closer collaboration with adobe or affinity. For this case it would be so convenient if I can just import my whole MURAL in Adobe or affinity to even export it for printing ;-).


  • @TobiasWosowiecki, first off many congratulations over your wedding.🎉🎉 The invitation is beautiful, and I hope you both had a lovely day and many happy years ahead of you.

    Interesting challenge, onboard people to MURAL without a facilitator! This may be a bit a feature idea. So, if you have a minute and want to post it, please do!