💡 Feature Idea: Refresh Board Icon

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It would be great, if you can refresh the Icon representing a Board within the rooms.. as if it is currentyl messed up once it looks ugly

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  • Linds
    Linds Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Hi there, @FlorianBayreuth ! Thanks so much for adding your idea to make MURAL even better!

    I am hoping you come back and add some more context here. For example: what other use case can you tell us about? Do you have screenshots or mockups you are hoping to share in order to improve the icons? Telling us "it looks ugly" isn't the most actionable or helpful feedback, and we want to make sure we understand your needs in full. Thanks! 😊

  • I do not have a picture for you, it is just created based on a non cleaned up board, but it would e.g. just be nice to spacify a dedicated area of the board as picture shown in the rooms and the same or another one as Start view for people entering theroom