⚡️⚡️  Quick Tips - 3 ways to customize any template

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Found a template that works for you, but your instructions don't quite match OR you want to add a little personalization for you or your client? In three quick steps you can adapt and customize a template for your sessions to deliver a tailored experience to your meeting participants. 🧤

1 The side / top bar 🍱

Replace the name and purpose of the template with the title of your meeting or workshop. Add your own resources or tips for the participants.

2 Instructions 🕹️

Change instructions adding your own questions or call to actions to change the direction of the session.

3 Colors 🌈

Add your brand colors or a theme that brighten up your meeting or workshop.

Example - A customized retro

This is an example of how I spiced up our retrospective template for an asynch retro recently:

Before: the default template from the library

After: in this mural created from the template I changed the name, color and parts of the instructions to adjust to my purpose.

What parts of templates do you customize most often? Share your screenshots!