Hi from the Netherlands!


  • Welcome @Trudie! I love, love, love the pictures! Do you play trombone and guitar? So curious!

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    @Amanda You've spotted the lie there :-) I played a few chords about 20 years ago to accompany myself a bit when singing. I've given myself a project during the summer break to pick that up again..

    I do play the trombone in a bigband. I also occasionally play in a combo and help out when wind bands in the region need assistance during concerts whenever I can fit that in!

    We've recently rolled out the agile way of working in the division I work in. I'm the scrum master for our Customer Performance team. We're in our first sprint. Our first priority is to improve our current work process of capturing (missed) opportunities with our customers, prioritising and evaluating those and to feed them into improvement project, our NPD funnel and Annual plan.

    I love how agile working values the role and skills needed for the scrum master role. It totally matches with my personal values, skills and vision on how to effectively and to enjoy it. So I was thrilled to pick that role up. I'm looking forward to finding inspiration here and to share&learn!

  • @Trudie, wow! I'm impressed. I played French Horn as a kid, but haven't played in years.

    Have you checked our new Agile Space yet? I don't use my CSM certification officially anymore, but I LOVED exploring the immersive learning experience.

    We are thrilled to have you here!

  • Trudie
    Trudie ✭✭

    @Amanda Wow French Horn..beautifull instrument! I love how this specific sound is used a lot in in film music eg Lord of the Rings!