July 1 Web Release: Enhanced Microsoft Teams integration, improved performance, and bug fixes

Feature Enhancements ‍

💬 Put the full suite of MURAL’s visual thinking and facilitation features to use in the Microsoft Teams integration 

Now, you can access all of MURAL’s visual thinking tools and Facilitation Superpowers inside of any mural you pin in a Teams channel. Take advantage of diagramming, summon, and much more during your next visual collaboration session inside of Microsoft Teams.

🐉 Snappier performance when copying and pasting and dragging multiple objects

Now, you can copy and paste over 500 objects and drag hundreds of objects at the same time without skipping a beat.  

👩🏽‍💻Start collaborating visually without delay

We’ve enhanced the speed at which murals load when first entering, especially when there are many collaborators joining at once.

Bug Fixes 

🐞Certain images would not display correctly when being exported. 

🕷Images uploaded from the iOS app would incorrectly appear as rotated when being exported. 

🐛When using the bold formatting keyboard shortcut, the formatting would sometimes revert back to unbolded when exiting editing mode.

🐜When in drawing mode, the keyboard shortcuts to navigate, pan, and zoom would not always work.

🐞When duplicating text boxes with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, the text would sometimes be replaced by the letter “V”.

🕷When trying to mention someone in comments, the first option of the dropdown was not automatically selected, so when the user hit enter, the mention was not created.

🐛The object toolbar was not visible for visitors when they were not part of the workspace where the mural was created.

🐜When an accent was added after a line break, the text would be duplicated after exiting editing.

🐞 The dropdown arrow on murals in the dashboard view would not remain in the selected state when mousing away from the dropdown.

🐛 When duplicating rooms, archived murals active in the newly duplicated room.

🐜 The text ‘Key Copied’ in the API Keys modal in the company dashboard did not fit properly.