Importing images opening into a new window when double-clicking on them.

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Not sure if anyone is having this problem. When I am creating a custom Mural board, if upload images or pdf's from my computer to use for an activity - Mural automatically creates an "open" hyperlink in the bottom right-hand corner of the image or pdf. If you click on it, the image or pdf opens in a new browser window. Not really a problem unless you double-click somewhere on the image to place a sticky/post-it. When you double-click, it does not create a sticky but opens the image in a new window!

I do not remember this happening before. The only way to create a post-it on an image like that is to double-click outside of the image and move the sticky over or create a sticky from the text controls on the left had menu.

Does anyone know a way to remove this automatically created hyperlink? It does not happen on imported images but on many. Very frustrating for customers trying to use that image as a template for something we are working on.

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    Hello @bsarni, my name is Aiza from MURAL Support. I'd be glad to help you with this.

    What you are experiencing is normal behavior when you try to double-click on the PDF to create a sticky. At the moment you can add stickies to the PDF when your double click outside the PDF or when you drag the sticky from the toolbar, like in the gif below.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi,

    i have the same issue with the automatic hyperlink. it's annoying.

    is there any way to remove that automatic hyperlink?

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