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Hello from Chicago! Excited to make connections in this community. Ask me about Design for America!



  • ...for the favorite templates!

  • @Ross_Brunetti, I want all your facts to be true! That said, I think you have five dogs, and

    Please, tell me about Design for America?? Curious. Also @Russell_A_Miller, that's my favorite gif ever. Use it all the time.

  • Hi @Amanda The dogs is the lie!! dun dun dun.

    Design for America is a national organization of people who believe in the power of design for social good. It starts with a college experience where students learn design thinking in student-run studios, form interdisciplinary teams, and collaborate with local community partners to address challenges they are facing.

    MURAL is an amazing DFA partner, and providing our network with tools, support and skills so they become the next generation of socially innovative imagination workers!

  • Thank you for sharing! Such a neat program. I could see this as a template! Do y'all have any you'd be willing to share?

  • That's the DFA scoping wheel! It's tool that helps students focus in on what problem spaces are within their sphere of influence. I think it would make a great template too.

    DFA has already created a team breakout template with MURAL for people to use! It can be found here:

    Hopefully we can make some more soon!

  • BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you!

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    Welcome, Ross!

  • Hello from another midwesterner!