More than post'its

I know that my team is big into sketching ideas, like the back of the napkin type thing. The only project is we are spread out all over the world. It would be great if Mural offered built-in sketchy controls that allowed us to get a concept of what we are thinking with our clients. Would anyone else find this useful


  • @UXTexasbrat Does the draw feature do what you're looking for? Or are you looking for something else? I've used it before on my iPad with my pencil to draw on my boards. It's the pencil icon in the left sidebar menu on your boards.

  • I have been playing with the drawing functionality on my touch screen as well @nicole_ger. @UXTexasbrat, there is an idea for improving drawing functionality in our Feature Ideas category! If you are interested, please go check it out and vote, if you are so inclined!🗳

  • @Amanda Thanks! I will do that now