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scottd ✭
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Would like to be able to have people on a MURAL board be able to vote on a group of objects instead of individual stickies. Does this make sense?

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  • scottd
    scottd ✭

    a bit of context: We hold various workshops that move ideas along and create categories and 'posters' of concepts that we will then vote on. Each poster is a candidate for voting and each poster can be composed of various stickies, images, icons, shapes, etc. Each poster is a sort of 'contained concept' if you will.

    Anyway, we want participants to vote on the posters (each voter gets a preset number of votes -- about 30% of the number of posters) and they can vote for any specific poster more than once. The voting isn't the issue, but its the grouped poster that causes some issues. People end up putting their votes in the wrong spot since they can vote for any of the objects on the board.

    To by pass this, we create a specific colored sticky with a name of the concept on each poster and ask people to vote for THAT sticky. But it still goes sideways sometimes with stray votes being dropped in places they don't 'belong'.

    Anyway, just looking for a good way to make this a bit easier on facilitators and voters/participants.

    Thanks for any help!

  • I have the same problem. It would be great if the vote counts for the group of elements instead of the single elements inside. This would be very helpful indeed. Hope this will be possible soon :)