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I edit and reuse boards and templates often but its a pain to copy and paste in Mural. To copy a frame I have to unlock everything in it and the relock everything in both boards which can take a LONG time. Sometimes I just CAN'T copy things, will have to refresh and restart as it will only past the last one sticky vs. the multiple items I select.

Miro makes it much easier to make multiple frames for facilitating multi-day sessions and editing/building/copying within the boards - please take a peek at what they are doing and replicate, saves TONs of time when creating boards!!

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I agree, it would be great if SHIFT + CTRL + LEFT MOUSE + DRAG would also allow to copy the selected objects instead of just DELETE and UNLOCK. Would that help you?

    Does the "content library" help you? You can save your building blocks to your personal library and easily reuse them in another mural.