💡Feature Idea: Delete the text from a group of numerous sticky notes...

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When you copy a group or a selection of sticky notes to use the same structure but for a different subject it would be helpful to delete the text of all selected stickers so that they are ready to be filled with different text for the next subject.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, would be great to have a "clear content" in the context menu for any selection of objects :-)

  • I run into this all the time. I'll create a new template for a workshop but I'm not sure if I'll want to use it again ahead of time so I don't create a copy of it (or I just forget to). I go through the workshop, the participants fill out the stickies, then down the road, I realize I want to use the activity in another workshop so I copy the board and then have to either go through each sticky one-by-one and delete the content or I just delete the stickies and have to add them back in. It'll save me a lot of time to be able to delete content from a group of stickies in a single action! Please add this feature!