💡 Feature Idea: Ability to easily use multiple templates within one mural board

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When I am creating a mural there are many times where I would like to use multiple templates within the same board, especially with workshops. With how the template structure works today I have to create a mural based off of each template that I want to use. Once I have all my murals created from templates, I then have to move them all into one board and delete the template boards.

Another situation I often run into is when I am working on a board and decide I want to see what templates exist that fit what I'm working on. If I find one, I have to create a new mural from that template and copy it into the board I'm working on.

This is an extremely tedious process and I would love to be able to choose multiple templates up front and/or import a template into a board I'm already working on. That would streamline the process so much.

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