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At my company most people do not have licenses to mural and therefore have to join boards, workshops, etc. anonymously. And most people do not include their name as they are joining in. When running workshops sometimes it's helpful to go back and see who wrote a sticky for a follow up discussion or question. However, when everyone is anonymous that is pretty challenging.

In the past I've included an activity as part of my agenda to have people write their name and what anonymous animal they are. That way I have a reference in the future if I need to follow up with them.

Has anyone else done something like this or have tips on how to improve on this? It can be a bit clunky and confusing for people who are unfamiliar with mural. As well, if someone joins in late they often miss the activity and I miss capturing them. Any tips, tricks, templates they've used to do this, or anything else would be appreciated!

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    Hi @nicole_ger ! I went ahead and moved this to our Feature Idea category - I know that our Canvas Product Managers will be interested to review your use case. And this way, other community members can vote on seeing an improvement in the future! 😊