💡Feature Idea: Copy outline elements or use shared background elements

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For addaption of many linked and similar boards it would be nice to

  • have a shared area background
  • be able to copy outlineelements from one board to another

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  • an idea could also be to have Layers, like you can use in Photoshop!

  • yes, we need layers, we need layers :) and it will be awesome

  • I have a mural board I use with a client. We want to do a business model canvas and I want to be able to copy the elements AND the outline from a business model canvas template into my existing mural. I can easily copy the mural elements, but there seems to be no way to copy over the BMC outline and instructions to a new mural.

    I often have a desire to copy outlines from one mural to another when I'm combining murals for a new engagement. It's frustrating to have to re-type the outline/instructions from one mural to another.