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Miro has a dynamic kanban board.

When you click on a project/issue in the kanban board they expand into a type of document where there is more information you can add about that issue. You can assign the issue/project to someone, including setting a deadline.

This would help us as we could use this template in our team to track progress on projects. I've attached a screen shot of an example.

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  • 🤩

  • WOW @Emilia let's discuss this! And @JulieWhitehouse !!!

  • YES PLEASE, I miss this feature so much

  • It would be really great to have the attributes at the Mural KANBAN just like the one's at Miro. These are : "Fill Color" (Themenfelder), "add tag" , "add assignee" , "insert Link" , "set date" . Is it pooible, that you add these attribute soon? thanks for answer :-) lG Iris

  • Yes please, kanban boards, like trello, MIRO, and others apps, please!!!!!!

  • It would be great to have such a Feature in Mural. I'll be able to "convert" much more clients from Miro / Trello towards Mural than (exactly after intro workshops) and continue in same ecosystem. Also, I am using Mural with my peers-coaches to be aligned about progress, so some automation and UX improvement would be highly appreciated ;)

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  • We use Mural actively in our company and make a big effort in onboarding as many of our employees as we can. For that to be successful, the detailed Kanban features would be really helpful. In an Agile environment, we encourage cross-functional cooperation and currently Mural is not optimal..

    Would love this feature to be in place!!

  • It will be perfect!

  • YES PLEASE!!!! How can we get this???

  • Great idea! Any plans on improving kanban templates in Mural? Our teams have recently asked for similar improvements over the last few months.

  • gveltman
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    Following up here - Is this a feature that is being worked on?