💡Feature Idea: Vertical Alignment for Text in Shapes and Notes

HendryS ✭✭
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It would be great if I could align texts in shapes and note vertically. I do alot of diagramming for systems and data flow, and use shapes as containers of other shapes. At the moment I can add text or title, but it's a hassle. Especially when I need to adjust the size, I have to ungroup.


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  • just having basic, left, centre, right alignment options for text would be a massive help.

  • Aren't those already available?

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    @pmerson Oh yeah, I want those :-)

  • Yes yes yes! To vertical text alignment! Another Miro user here.

    I need to be able to align Text at the Top or Bottom of a shape. Currently I need a box and a text item, aligned and grouped. The moment I need to change the shape, I have to ungroup, re-align, re-group - too much work!

  • I can't understand this isn't supported 😲

    Coming from Miro this is a huge letdown

  • +1 on adding vertical alignment!

    This is sort of a super-basic table stakes feature... isn't it?

  • Hi guys at Mural,

    Did I get it correctly that this subject is celebrating 1 year old?

    I just stop by to send the same feature request and came across this post. This is one of those quick win features ( in the upper left corner quadrant), delivering high value with small effort. Why not developing it? This should not be even "open for voting".

    To be clear: Based on the image below, the feature would be an option to align by top, middle or bottom in addition to the horizontal ones (left, center and right)

    Thank you,

  • Keeping this thread alive. Mural is really behind the curve. Would not use this tool if I didn't have to.

  • Such a basic feature I use literally in any board I create in Miro.

  • I see and hear you, @Romolux, @ron, @BFe! 👀

    I'll do what I can to see where we are on this feature.

  • nadiar
    nadiar Mural Team mod

    Hi, thank you all for your feedback and comments. I wanted to let you know that we'll be starting to work on vertical text alignment soon.

  • If we could generate some traction on this, I seen the request came over a year ago. Of course not every request gets pushed through. Spending some time in Word and Autocad would leap this software ahead IMO. so please, text align top and bottom.

  • Arrived here because I was trying to find how to align text top/bottom. This would be great, thought it was a pretty basic need for any box that supports text.

  • still nothing?

    looks like an easy function to implement right?

  • Basic feature but very important. Now I have to draw shapes then draw a textbox inside it and group them to be able to do what I want.

    Guys at Mural please pay attention.

  • I just encountered this need for a large mural I was working on :(

    Any updates on vertical alignment?