💡Feature Idea: New Keyboard shortcut

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When presenting we need a keyboard shortcut to unhide outline contents rather than having to reopen the outline and make the item visible.

If there was an option within the outline to set this (on reaching outline, make content visible) this would also work.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, would be cool because quicker and easier. Unhiding and hiding a lot for workshops.

  • This is even more important because the new UI design has IMO "broken" the hide/ unhide outline feature. Before you could click the "eye" on the outline to hide/ unhide items, and it did NOT also zoom your MURAL view to that specific area. Now it always move your screen hwen you click on hide/ unhide eon the outline. That is problematic as a facilitator trying to look ahead and prepare while you also have participants "following you".

    I would actually prefer this to just the work the way it used to. But if that's not desired, then some way to hide/ unhide items in the outline without it zooming the screen to that area is essential capability.