[CLOSED] 🔎 UX Researchers Wanted: Interviews re. UX metrics (product) 🚫 SUS, NPS, CSAT

Gwendolyn Mural Alum mod
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Hello Community! 👋

Are you a UX Researcher or know someone who is? 🔍️

I'm looking to interview UX Researchers on the metrics they use to measure user experience with their product. 💻️ (🚫No interviews needed for SUS, NPS, CSAT metrics.🚫)

  • When: Next week (July 19-23, 2021) 📅
  • Time Commitment: 30 minute 1:1 interviews 🕰️
  • Interviewees will receive a gift card for their time! 💳️

Interested? Please either:

  • Schedule a 30-minute interview ✅
  • DM me with any questions! 📩

Thank you so much! 🙌


  • erikadweber
    erikadweber ✭✭

    Done! Just scheduled some time!

  • Gwendolyn
    Gwendolyn Mural Alum mod

    Thank you all for your interest! The opportunity to schedule new interviews has now closed, but please keep an eye out for similar interview opportunities in the future. Thank you again!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] ✭✭✭

    Thanks for bringing this great opportunity to the community! Appreciate everyone who hopped on and collaborated with @Gwendolyn!