💡Feature Idea: Restrict guest accounts by domains etc.

manuel ✭✭✭✭
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1. What you want to be able to do in MURAL: From an admin point of view, some companies/enterprises might want to restrict the guest accounts by domain, e. g. in so far that some domains are on a exclusion list and are not allowed. This could be e.g. private mail accounts like gmail.com or web.de or former / secondary mail domains when a company moves from @oldcompanyname.com to @newcompanyname.com or when a company is part of a larger group and internal mail domains are not equal to external. However whatever the reasons: It would be great to be able to exclude domains on a list from being invited guest

2. The problem you are trying to solve: that people from the same company (who are not "members" of Mural) or from competitors or other unwanted companies can be invited as guests.

3. Why this helps everyone (or many people): Might be helpful to admins to easier prevent people from using "unwanted" domains if employees invite other employees as guests via secondary or old mail domains (see above "oldcompanyname.com" for example).

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  • When inviting people from the same company domain, i want the ability to control whether the person is given full blown Member access or invited just as a Guest

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, it would be great to have a limited "consumer/editor" account for company employees that do not need a facilitation user, but they could use their avatar, custom colors and the dashboard.

  • I would agree. I just posted a suggestion similar to this as well as be able to create a report of visitor links and who they're being sent to. I work in a heavily regulated industry (finance) and my Risk/Privacy teams are concerned that artboards links are being sent via visitors to outside the company.

  • nikkikaul
    nikkikaul Mural Alum mod

    Hi @manuel  👋

    Back in Oct 2021, we released guest domain restrictions which does precisely what you've requested - it's an allowlist functionality where at a company level, a Company Admin can determine which guest domains can be invited into the company's content to collaborate with members!

    With this feature, you can allow in any guest domains you'd like while knowing any domains not on your allowlist will never be able to enter your content.

    NOTE: The feature is currently behind a feature-flag and can be enabled by reaching out to Mural Support or to your Success team. This is currently only available to our Enterprise customers. We'd love to get more Beta participation, so if interested, please reach out to your Success team, and we will get you set up! 🙂

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @nikkikaul, sounds great!

    Thanks for letting me know. Will check if we have an actual use case currently and will come back to the team if yes.