💡Feature Idea: Enable "edit link" for shapes and icons

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OK - the issue is this. When I use a title, text block, post it note or image, I can click on it once in the mural and then "edit link" to make it lead to an external website, for instance. This is a useful feature for my MURALs. However, I cannot "edit link" when I use a shape (circle, square, etc) or an icon. It would be useful if I could. That was it! Are there any plans to make it possible?

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  • Yes, also: the Link e.g. for icons should be the whole object. The "open link" button is often almost invisible when zoomed out and users might not notice they have to zoom in and click on it.

  • Another vote to make the object function as a button for the link.

  • First order of business: By default, scale the size of the Open Link button proportionately to the size of the object, so it is noticeable (instead of microscopic at the level of zoom one might be at to comfortably view the content of the object). It's ridiculous that I should have to reach out to MURAL for help because I can't figure out how to open a link.

    Second order of business: Provide options to manually change the size and appearance of the Open Link target area, which includes a setting to enable the whole object function as a link.

  • Same basic use case as the original requestor.