💡Feature Idea: Ability to Resize "open mural link" button

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What I want to do: When adding a link to another mural board -- the button produced is very small and not resizable. It would be a great benefit to have the ability to adjust the button to an appropriate size.

Problem this solves: Difficult to find link buttons without placing them in a container and clearly pointing them out. This takes time to accomplish - the ability to resize the button directly will save time and allow us to begin using the board more quickly and with less instruction.

Why this helps everyone: Saving time in creating links, common resizing functionality available with the containers and other features of the boards.

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  • Love the idea! Perhaps having an option to make the entire shape/text box a clickable area will be helpful too, instead of looking for a button on the corner.

    The current button is problematic when the share is big/long but the button size doesn't change in proportion - it becomes hard to know there's a link unless you are zoomed in.

  • yes, this would definitely help to let your users of the board navigate more intuitively.

    As an addition, or alternative: It would be nice if an image can be linkable by a single click and the cursor would be a hand-cursor.

    This will be far more logical and intuitive than a double-click. Nobody, imho, thinks of double clicking to follow al link or a button.

  • amandascarpin
    edited February 2022

    Love it!!! I have the same need of adjusting the link button to an appropriate size.

  • This is a great idea. As it is now, the button is so small it is unusable.

    Even giving us the opportunity to link existing, resizable text would be an improvement over the microbutton

  • please make the whole thing clickable. ppl using my mural don't notice the clickable area sometimes and ask me to send them a link *facepalm*

  • This is a real need, it's almost impossible to see that some objects actually have links, id just love a link button object that you can assign some text or an image and when you click the whole object it takes you to the link. the current link button is very small, not sure why it doesn't make the whole object clickable with some hover over text to say open link. Certainly needs more ability to style and position in the current implementation