💡Feature Idea: Choose a custom thumbnail for mural board

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The problem: When scanning multiple mural boards, it is difficult to quickly see vital details that are needed in a researcher or stakeholders' decision-making process to enter that board. Furthermore, in a larger project, a researcher will reuse workshops making the full board image and name difficult to make a decision around.

Here are a few mural board specifics that a researcher might use depending on the situation:

  • What day or sprint the workshop was performed
  • Learning outcomes
  • What topic was being researched
  • Who participated in the workshop
  • Version number
  • What release does the workshop explore

Here are a few ideas that might help the usability of murals dashboard:

  • Ability to set an area within your mural board as a custom thumbnail instead of displaying the entire board
  • List view for mural boards
  • Longer character limits for a mural board name
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  • I need set custom thumbnail for any mural board to identify and help to organize projects by teams or initiatives looks like Figma projects. I did this, in the past, in Miro.