What is your template's job to be done??

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The MURAL templates team is really interested to learn more about the ways that Templates (both our MURAL templates and the custom ones you produce on your own) create value for you. The more we know, the better we can make our content and your experience.

So what is the "job" templates are doing for you? You can reply with a simple JTBD (job to be done) statement or a longer form answer or even a MURAL Jobs to be Done Template.

Here is an example statement:

Pro Tip: A JTBD statement is: solution-agnostic, results in progress when completed, and is  relatively stable across time.

Additional feedback or requests on templates? Please post them as a new discussion and tag them as ideas.




  • This is great—I will think about it more, but what comes to mind immediately is:

    When I'm working with a big group to design a piece of content

    I need to have a way for everyone to contribute ideas and discuss and rank messaging priorities

    So we can walk away with alignment on what the piece of content needs to do (which we would then hand over to a writer-designer team to create). And we could refer back to the documented priorities that we aligned on as needed throughout the review process. 🎉

  • Hi @AshleyB , I'm looking for the MURAL Jobs to be Done Template but it doesn't work.@AshleyB

    Thanks for yoyr support!

  • @OscarM, Love to help you get this sorted. What is happening when you click on the template?

    In the meantime, check it out below. If you hover over the top of the image, you will see a menu, and you can click "Start from Template".