💡Feature Idea: Save multiple "layouts" for a board without having to clone stickies/boards

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We often find ourselves doing mapping of user stories like affinity mapping, and then converting the most valid stories to a user journey flow, and then putting them into a KanBan board to start working on them. The only way we've found to do this is to copy the board or individual tickets and move them around. The problem is when we want to delete or edit a sticky note, we have to search for it in all 3+ places and make the update. It would be great to have saved "layouts" and have the stickies rearrange based on what "mode" you are currently in. So if we are in Kanban mode, you see the existing tickets in the affinity map shift into place. And then you can go back from Kanban mode to Affinity Map mode. So you only have to create the sticky note once, but have their locations be saved.

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  • A similar use case:

    We create one board to do story mapping. We want to save the story mapping layout because this visual is important to keep as an artifact.

    Then, we want to do quarterly/PI Planning with the same stickies in a different layout. (sometimes same board, different area, some times different board)

    To do this right now, we duplicate the story map area and content and past it in a new area.

    Below that area is our blank planning board and we grab the stickies and move them from the duplicated area into the planning board. Doing it this way allows us to keep the story map layout and then use the same content in a different way to plan. However, I agree, all traceability is lost at that point, so if the team decides to split a story out in the planning area, there's now no record that these 2 stickies map to the one sticky in the story mapping area. Same for renaming as mentioned above.