💡Feature Idea: Show/hide objects

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It would be great if I can hide/show certain objects (either grouped or individual) to others who have access to the board.

Use case: when running workshops there are things I want to hide pre-filled sections until ready. The current work around for me is to lock them and cover the section with a large shape and try to match the colour to the background.

Thanks 😀

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  • Yes, Hide/Unhide feature is crucial without adding it to the outline. Its disappointing Mural does not have this basic feature.

  • Throwing my voice behind this. A bit unfathomable to me with your facilitator focus, that just as you have a feature to hide when people are creating content, that you don't offer the same functionality for already created content. Using cover ups and workarounds is bad UX.

  • I agree. It seems like basic functionality to be able to hide something, and using the outline is a clunky way to work around this. Why not be able to right click and hide?