💡 Feature Idea: Assign an object to someone

Gerry ✭✭
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MURAL, you are so close to having an amazing feature based on the existing 'Tag a collaborator' functionality. It would be EXTREMELY useful to be able to assign an object (Sticky, text, shape, pic, icon anything) to a collaborator (member and guest) by simply right mouse clicking and having assign option where you could select a person. I know you can tag people in comments but there are issues with it:

1) You cannot Tag yourself

2) Comments add a visual circle to the object which is not needed if you just want to assign an object of interest to someone to own.

The general problem I have is people push back from using MURAL for certain use cases in the business because they cannot see a holistic picture of all the relevant items of interest from multiple canvases in one place. Think about how MS Planner/Tasks can give you an overview of everything assigned to you across multiple different task boards and plans and you may get what I am thinking about.

An assign feature does not seem like a big step from existing Tagging in comments but would bring a suite of wider use cases into possibility. Would also give the ability to see everything of interest you are assigned to.

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  • Please! This feature would be so helpful and would allow for clearer communication when planning with virtual teams and prioritizing tasks. The MS Planner reference is spot on, and I believe Smartsheet is similar. Please strongly consider this feature.