Looking for a designer to help me develop a template

Hi everyone

I'm not sure if this is a service that exists- I'm trying to find someone who can help recreate some slides from a PPT into a Mural template for me to work with consulting clients... a Mural Expert if you like.

Any recommendations or can someone help?

Many thanks

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  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @janeanderson - my highest recommendation goes to Sabrina Goerlich, a Mural Expert here in Germany who not only speaks great English but has helped me turn my ideas into phenomenal interactive murals that not only work extremely well, but look fantastic. Perhaps my contact for this, @Ward, could help steer you in the right direction. She specializes in design sprints, but the assistance she has given me as a university instructor in turning my often-one-way PPT-based classes into lively, productive co-creation events with memorable outcomes goes far beyond that. She's amazing!


  • Brilliant! Thank you so much Christina, I really appreciate your reply. Thank you! I'll follow up

  • @janeanderson, this is such a great question. We are actually piloting a new service to help people find exactly this type of assistance. If you are interested in joining the pilot, please let me know!

    As always, thank you Christina for the great recommendations!

  • Thanks Amanda, I have made contact with the referral Christina has given me so I'll see how I go first. Much appreciated! Would be great for you to have some certified practitioners!

  • That is good to hear, and stay tuned!📺

    Our team is cooking up something special. 🍳