What's the best way to provide murals to leadership after a session?

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I coach PMs but we need to send "clean" versions of our work that express outcomes of the workshops to senior management. I always make a ppt with a summary. Any tips for how to make this easier? I don't want to send a mural to them but I'd love to be able to copy paste the results of a mural that summarize the outcomes of our session not just a messy board!


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    I usually create a PowerPoint with screenshots / exports from mural, too. Then I provide the link to the mural for later reference (and to allow them to work on with the mural) and I copy the contents from sticky notes to an Excel file. In that they have "contents text", "category" and "number of votes" for sorting and filtering the results. So, this is quite "raw" in addition to a PowerPoint that migth describe the process and have all of the screenshots with the contents.

    I really like the impulse my @mroy! Thank you!

  • Right on @manuel ! Thanks so much for sharing. A lot of times I will wrap up sessions by just asking the team to capture the top three things they learned from our time together. Then I either work with the whole group, or a subset of the group to quickly look for patterns and relationships that will quickly help us turn small sticky note clusters into a high-level outline of a story. Which can then move to PowerPoint, JIRA, or Storyboard frames if we are working towards a video.

  • @manuel Thanks so much for contributing and sharing your knowledge and experiences. It takes a village to keep meetings from crushing souls. :)