Votes appear to be disappearing

I am having people vote on process steps to later facilitate an after-action-review on the steps that have the opportunity for the most learning.

It does not appear that the votes are saving. If someone is in the mural at the same time I am in the mural, I can see that they voted. When I go back it only shows that I voted. Are the votes being saved? They are voting as visitors.

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  • PMCMuralExplorer
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    I had this same issue and Ahmed was kind enough to help me over Live Support. It turns out that if voting as a visitor, the system has no way of tracking you (let alone that you voted), so you get a whole new set of votes when you use the URL again.

    It would be great if the Mural team could consider:

    1. Provide this context in the user guide on the benefits of users vs. members and in articles on voting (i.e., that visitors aren't tracked the same way)
    2. That you can identify if a person has been given access as a member or a visitor based on the link (so you ca check your emails that you're sending them the right ones!)


  • AizaMarie
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    Hey @mbeaugard

    My name is Aiza from MURAL Support.

    Hmmm... That sounds buggy to me. 😅

    No worries, we can answer a few questions for me so can figure out what is going on. 😉

    • What are the browser you are using and the version?
    • Were you able to replicate the issue in Chrome Incognito or Firefox Incognito?
    • Would you mind sending me the following thru a private message? link to the mural you were working on, screen recording of the behavior if you have it, your email address used for the MURAL account
    • Do you mind if our team takes a look at your account from the backend to further troubleshoot?

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you!

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Thank you for sharing this @PMCMuralExplorer! I'll b sure to share your feedback with our product team.