Overview Mural: Doughnut Economics Example

Christina ✭✭✭✭

The idea of an overview template after completing a semester (or seminar/workshop) in the form of an actual table or other background that communicates "This is everything we co-created, and how it all fits together, at a glance" has been so helpful, both for students and myself.

The individual Mural templates I created for this course are in the Template Ideas section under my Doughnut Economics post - as @Ward suggested, I think it would be great to explore the many different ways MURAL could be used to approach Kate Raworth's ideas, so I hope my shared templates inspire lots more from fellow Muralistas!

Regardless of what topic you cover though, if several murals are involved, I highly recommend sharing an overview template with the highlights - for example, here are my key PPT slides as well as the related murals.

For my students, seeing what they did "on the table" gives them a sense of pride in their work that is such an added value compared to my days in the physical room, when whatever was written on the whiteboard, by me or them, just got wiped away after every class.

While one hopes that they all take good notes of course, it is super to have a place to like this to showcase the fruits of their labors in a more long-term and public way.

A great way to put a bow on it, whatever your event!