What's the best microphone for online collaborations?

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Hi! I have been teaching online for 18 months and have decided to invest in a good microphone - finally!😅 - since it looks like next semester will likely be hybrid.

What are your recommendations? I am looking to spend c. $100 and need something that provides clear, crisp sound and good background noise cancelling; something good for voiceovers on videos as well as guiding collaborations and teaching online.

Also key: it needs to be really easy to use, preferably just plug into my laptop. Not a techie!💈

My teenage game-playing son says a Blue Yeti is the best choice; what does the Mural Community think? Any experiences you care to share?

All feedback greatly appreciated!


  • My colleagues who are professional presenters, trainers, and consultants suggested the Audio-Technica ATR2100X-USB USB/XLR instead of the Blue Yeti citing better quality sound and a lower price. I bought mineas part of a bundle for $109 USD and have been very happy with it. It has a stand for use on my desk and detaches if I want to stand up and walk around with it, which I do when I'm facilitating. It connects to the laptop with a USB. I'm not super techy in this area, but I've been happy with it.

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    Awesome @LeantoCollabs, thanks so much for the input. Very helpful!

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    As a stationary microphone I use a Beyerdynamic Fox, which is also quite nice, but requires some decoupling adapter to ensure your audience is not shocked should you touch the stand. I am using a rycote portable recorder suspension here. But having a year experience now with audio for facilitating and conferencing over teams etc, I go for the headset (using a Sennheiser SDW30) in 80% of the cases. I mainly use the standalone microphone for recording and voice over in videos. As @LeantoCollabs, I like to move around while talking which is difficult with a stationary microphone.

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    @frabo Thank you for that elaborate answer, I am gobsmacked by your expertise in this area. Thanks for the heads up, I would indeed like to keep the shocks to a minimum. It is clear I have a lot to learn, so I really appreciate this level of feedback. It's not just advice - it's an education!