Get to know the MURAL Product Team: Meet Kara !

kara Mural Alum ✭✭✭
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😎Hello hello! I'm Kara, a product manager here at Mural. I've been here for a short 6 months and I am so excited that Lindsay and her awesome team created the Mural Community! I'm on the Insights team, which is working hard on different ways to help you make new connections within your murals...I'd love to connect and talk more about meta-data and visuals 🤩

Enter the mural to find out a bit more!



  • Hey Kara! 👋 I am going to guess that the truths are the 🏍️ and 🎮! Can you tell us more about the Insights product and what that includes? 👂

  • kara
    kara Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    @Beth 🏍️ and 🌊 are the truths! No 🎮for me 😁

    The Insights team will surface new data about elements in the mural - building blocks for new visualizations and synthesis tools. Visually surfacing new connections and different perspectives will lead to greater insights and understandings of how different factors may be related... And some other top-secret plans 😎