Collaboration Stats for Self and Students

Hello all! In the last email Mural sent out, the bottom of the email had some collaboration stats: X collaboration sessions, Y sticky notes, Z murals created. These stats might be really helpful in judging/grading student participation. For example I often have requirements that students add 3 stickies to a specific Mural. But it is hard to track if they actually did it. Is there a way to see these collaboration stats for myself or for students for a Mural or Workspace? Or has anybody else figured out how to determine student participation without a whole lot of manual effort?


  • Hey @Greg! This is a great topic.

    We don't at the moment have a way for admins to see collaboration stats of workspace members. That would be very cool!

    One way that you could go about seeing how many stickies students have added to a mural is by requiring each student to use a distinct sticky note color and keep that color constant for all of their contributions.

    If you then go up to the search function it will show you how many sticky notes there are of each color. It's not a perfect solution but it keeps you from having to manually count sticky notes!

    You could suggest that students use their distinct avatar color to make it easy!

    @Ward @Sasha any other suggestions?

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    Hi @Greg this is a really great questions and since I dont like to type, I made a video:

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any follow-up questions. I know we are working on adding more functionality around gaining insights into who added what within a mural, we will share functionality and feature updates here in our Teacher's Lounge. Keep your feedback coming!

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    @Greg - I'm eagerly awaiting this sort of reporting too. Thank you for your post!

    Another hack I've used in my classes to "confirm participation" includes using the MURAL Activity Log ( I put an area inside the mural where all of my students each have a sticky with their name in it. To indicate their participation, I tell them that they (and they alone) must delete their sticky note. I simply go into the Activity Log and confirm that they took such action in that mural.

  • Thank you @Sasha The video is great. And I really liked how you added the grids to the content library to make it easier to duplicate - that is really handy! For many use cases this looks great! Fo my use case, students do peer feedback, so I am having my students build their reports in Mural and then their peers are supposed to add 3 "warm" and three "cool" points of feedback to each presentation. Let me ask one additional question - my classes are a bit bigger - some are 35 students and some are 150 students! It looks like Mural lets you choose a near infinite number of colors, but do you think it would be an issue to discern between 8 different shades of green, etc. when trying to match the student to their color? I really appreciate all you do!

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    Hi @Greg! Jumping in here to add on to Sasha's great tips. I laid out your scenario in a mural and was able to use the "Find" function to be able to discern which sticky notes belong to which student based on the color. Here is a quick video explaining how to do that. It may still become a bit more work for you when you are getting up to 150 students but this trick definitely takes away a good amount of manual action. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Exciting feature update that is a game changer for keeping track of student participation. You now can use "Find: by last edited by". @Greg

    This allows you to filter based on individual collaborators if your students join as members or guests.

    @Sasha recorded a great overview of how to use the new feature:

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    @Greg As we say in Germany, "Du sprichst mir aus der Seele" - your comment "speaks to my soul."

    After watching @Sasha's how-to video I am so delighted to discover this new function is indeed up and running on my newly minted murals. I definitely plan to let my students know I can see, quickly and easily, who's not pulling their weight (in nicer terms perhaps but with clear don't-act-shocked-at-your-grade-later-if-you-do-nothing element).

    I'll also use this to point out that the students that participate the most usually have the best grades too. No guarantees, but it's no secret that people learn a lot more from doing things themselves than sitting around like baked potatoes. Awesome new superpower!💪