💡Feature Idea: Participant Activity Tracking Reports

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Hello all! In the last email Mural sent out, the bottom of the email had some collaboration stats: X collaboration sessions, Y sticky notes, Z murals created. These stats might be really helpful in seeing/grading student/participant participation. For example I often have requirements that students add 3 stickies to a specific Mural. But it is hard to track if they actually did it. It would be great to be able to get a report with the number of stickies posted, and perhaps the contents of stickies by participant. Basically, take the existing activity feed, sort by participant, and add some simple quantifications, and make it a report. It would be extra awesome to be able to get an aggregate over a set of Murals that make up a workshop or class, etc. This would allow teachers/facilitators to grade participation in a way that is really difficult in class and would be a great help!

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  • I agree to the feature request.. It is a must for tracking / reporting and understanding engagement levels of participants.