💡Feature Idea: Colour names in the color palette

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For the colour palette, it would be great to have the colour names displayed when picking them.

I am a bit colour-blind and when someone asks "use yellow stickies to capture thoughts...", I don't know which one is a yellow sticky. Could you add the colour name when picking colours from the palette?

Another colour-blind friendly option is to have a lightly patterned of textured background to differentiate between different types.

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Thank you MURAL Community! This is now part of our product.


  • bbilfield
    bbilfield Mural Team mod

    @stevedunx @nathanlucy Hello to both of you! I'm one of the lead engineers on our Design System + Accessibility team. This has been on our radar for a while now and I have some great news, you will see this feature live in our product in the near future.

    This is just the first feature we are launching to support users who have a visual impairment. This feature will add color labels as tooltips when a user is selecting a color within the color picker. It will also provide unique names for custom colors that have been created by a user. We have also applied the same feature when a user is selecting a background color for a Mural in the Mural Settings menu.

    This is just the first phase of these enhancements. We will be rolling out human-readable color names throughout the product in places that make sense and need them. So please stay tuned!

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    @bbilfield Naming colors is such an upgrade for non-colorblind users too. I use a lot of custom shades that are similar, but not the same, and knowing the name helps me find the right one much faster. LOVE it!

    @manuel 's hatching would add texture and pattern richness as well. Excellent idea.

  • bbilfield
    bbilfield Mural Team mod

    @manuel patterned backgrounds are something that is on our radar :)

    @Christina we are excited you are enjoying them! We were excited to see them implemented ourselves. There are a number of great features we are thinking about to help users create content with sufficient color contrast ratios.

  • Having a beige, sepia or light yellow option for the mural background's basic colours would also be amazing and more eye-friendly. :D

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2022

    @Blueberry1 You are so right, a nice background, solid or not, can make a huge difference.

    You might want to check out all the amazing options at https://unsplash.com/ , which you can also access right on the Images search in Mural.

    Other free-to-use favorites are https://www.rawpixel.com/ , https://pixabay.com/ , and https://publicdomainreview.org/ (just search Images) - all of which @Gino showed in one of his Wonderful Wednesdays videos can be covered with a framework in a gradient, like a white haze for example, so your work on it

    a) can still stand out and

    b) never disappear behind your backgound color or image.

    I use backgrounds related to the topic at hand all the time, so people can really "get it" at a glance (https://community.mural.co/discussion/739/wonderful-wednesdays-make-your-background-truly-yours).

    Another tip: If you just want an one background color, remember that you can get the HEX code for literally any one you want on the Internet, add it to your color options, stretch a square shape to cover your whole mural or whatever part of it you want in that shade, and give it your chosen color, either opaque or any degree of transparency.


  • @Christina Thank you for the information and the suggestions! Easily implementable so I will totally do them <3

  • We were also looking for patterns instead of color stickies. In an idea of accessibility in boards patterns are more recognizable than colors. Thank you

  • @Horizon, I just created a separate idea from Manuel's comment. Please do go vote on it! Thank you for sharing your support for patterns instead of color stickies.