July 8 Web Release: Audit logs for Enterprise Network plans, test out timer sounds, and more

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited August 2021 in Product Releases

Feature Enhancements 

🔎 Monitor member actions in Enterprise Network workspaces with audit logs

We enhanced the scope of our Enterprise Network API by adding an audit log end point to provide a detailed account of member actions in MURAL for security and legal monitoring.


🔈 Test out different timer sounds

Added a listen button to be able to preview different timer sounds from the timer menu.


New Templates

💯 Facilitate productive and effective leadership meetings

Lead meetings that foster open communication, mutual understanding and team alignment with these two new leadership templates — Board Meeting and Weekly Leadership Team Meeting.


🚀 Outline your product goals

Use this Product Roadmap template to help you generate product goals with measurable objectives and results. 


💡Understand, design, and evaluate information

Gain insight to a user’s mental model of how they would categorize, organize, or prioritize information with this new Card Sort template.


👀 Share research insights to build awareness with key stakeholders

This Postcard from the Field template offers a quick, visual way to share what you’re learning from user interviews, feedback, and other research.


🤩 Share your life experiences with your team

Use this Sticky Bio template by Zapier in your next team building exercise to share your life experiences with your team through sticky notes!


✏️Learn MURAL before your first class

This Course Introductions template will help you learn how to use all the basics of MURAL while also providing an opportunity to get to know your classmates.


Bug Fixes 

🐞 When pressing enter inside a sticky note at the beginning of a line and then moving the cursor app to type new word, both lines would get concatenated. 

🕷 When changing the font size or font family of a group of text, and then pressing undo, the user would have to press undo once for each object in the group to undo all changes.

🐛 When pressing undo after adding formatting to only part of a text box, the whole text would change its format.

🐜 When zooming in and out, some objects in a mural would not be displayed.

🐞 When aligning or arranging objects inside an area, they would sometimes get unabsorbed.

🕷 When adding an accent to a letter in a Chrome browser, the characters would sometimes get deleted and re-added again when exiting and entering editing.

🐛 When adding accents to a letter, the text would sometimes be duplicated and some characters would be deleted as well.

🐜 When adding an apostrophe, some characters would sometimes get deleted.

🐞 During a collaboration session, if one user moved objects that were connected by a connector, the connector would sometimes get displaced.

🕷 When dragging connected objects inside and outside of an area, the connector would sometimes get displaced.

🐛 When duplicating an area and then hitting undo, a pop up to delete the elements inside an area would be displayed.

🐜 When a guest would try to access a mural via a visitor link, they would receive an error.

🐞 In workspace settings, some members were unable to enforce any selections in the share link permissions dropdown.

🕷 The ‘Manage Companies’ option was not appearing for some company admins.

🐛 After entering a mural in Safari, adding a company banner, and opening the outline, the banner would get trimmed.

🐜 The text ‘Key Copied’ in the API Keys modal in the company dashboard did not fit properly.

🐞 Some images would get distorted when being exported.