July 15 Web Release: Find by object and improved collaboration performance

Feature Enhancements 

🔍 Find by object

In the find panel, you can now find by sticky notes, text, or shapes. When you click on one of these options all of those objects are highlighted in the mural. You can also combine this functionality with search or find by color. Below each option, you’ll also see the number of each object in the mural. 

🏎 Improved performance with enhanced real-time collaboration experience

We improved the way the app handles concurrent collaborators, increasing the performance of drawing, creating and moving objects, adding areas, and more when done by multiple people at once. 

Bug Fixes 

🐞Areas were not absorbing comments that were added directly to the mural.

🕷When resizing two objects, if one of them was connected by an arrow, the arrow would incorrectly change its position.

🐛When copying the content of a text box or text title with formatting and then pasting the content into another text box or title, the formatting would not be copied. 

🐜When starting a new line in a text box with an accent letter, the text would get duplicated and be misaligned.

🕷Cursors were not being hidden during voting sessions.

🐛View only visitors were shown “can edit” in the avatar menu.

🐛Add to favorites menu option was not updating correctly after clicking to favorite a mural.