July 22 Web Release: Resolve comments


💬 Resolve comments to better track relevant feedback in a mural

All comments and threads can now be resolved! Click on the checkbox in the comment to resolve it. Resolved comments appear in a separate tab in the comments sidebar, and will disappear from the mural. Resolved threads can be reopened manually, or will be reopened automatically if any user replies to the thread. ‍

Bug Fixes

🐜 When pressing enter inside a sticky note in the first line and then typing, <div> tags would appear when exiting editing.

🕷 When selecting two objects that were connected by an arrow and then resizing them without selecting the arrow, the objects would get resized but the arrow would not. 

🐛 When changing the font type inside a shape and then deleting the text, the font type would get reset.

🐜 When resizing a mural from top or left, and then trying to click on a specific area of the minimap, the minimap would sometimes not respond.

🐞 When duplicating an area by using ALT+DRAG, the objects inside it would sometimes not get copied. 

🕷 When a workspace name included “templates” in it, the templates category would be bolded. 

 🐜 Long room names were being cropped.

🐛 After duplicating a room to another workspace, accessing the original workspace would be blocked until reloading the page.