July 29 Web Release: SCIM API for Enterprise Network customers and enhanced performance


🔎 Automatically provision and manage member accounts using SCIM protocol

We enhanced the scope of our Enterprise Network API by adding a SCIM protocol for user end points to enable Company Administrators to scale collaboration by programmatically managing member lifecycles. 

🏎 Optimized performance for key events

We’ve enhanced performance when a new user joins a mural and when copying and pasting multiple objects in a mural with many collaborators. 

Bug Fixes 

🐛When connecting two objects using the “C” shortcut, the suggestion popup would be displayed.

🦟 When adding text to a sticky note or shape and then pressing enter twice, div tags would appear when exiting editing.

🐞 When multiple users were collaborating in the same mural, the menus of the object toolbar would sometimes close when they shouldn’t.

🐛 When using characters such as "ñ, ü, ç" were used inside text boxes with MacOS, they would replace the first letter of the sentence.

🦟 When deleting formatted text inside a shape and then typing text again, the formatting would be removed when refreshing the page.

🐞 When changing the font inside of a sticky note, format shortcuts like bold or italic would stop working.

🕷 After using the filter by type feature, it was not possible to delete objects.

🐛 All changes saved was being displayed even when a member was not editing an object.

🦟It was not possible to move an arrow with the keyboard arrow keys.

🐞When changing the font size of the text box that had arrows connected to it, the arrows would not update their position accordingly. 

🕷When two objects were connected with an arrow and then grouped to a third object, the position of the arrow would break and be displayed in a different part of the mural.