💡 Feature idea: Keyboard shortcut for arranging content (in rows, columns, grids)

edited August 2021 in Feature Ideas

I want to be able to arrange content quickly using a keyboard shortcut or similar.

It is frustrating to have to use a toolbar + multiple clicks to arrange items into evenly spaced rows, columns, and grids.

My request: either a keyboard shortcut or a mouse handle (like on miro) would help speed the process and make it more user friendly, particularly for workshop facilitators who need to quickly arrange and rearrange content.

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  • I'm not sure whether this is the same thing you're referring to, but I would really like to have a shortcut for duplicating not only into one direction (horizontally to the right, as it is currently) but also for example vertically. I think this would make creating grids of stickies or icons even quicker and easier.