Creating Exact Size of Shapes and Images

Trying to import images but want them all the exact same size (height and width). Cropping and moving with handles gets me close but I want to just give a shape or image a set pixel height and Width. Is this possible?

Bonus question...If I put these images into a grid can I adjust the spacing between images?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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  • Seb_from_MURAL
    Seb_from_MURAL Mural Team mod
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    Hi @RobbieL - thanks for posting your questions.

    I'm afraid there isn't a way to automatically get all images the same size when you import them - what you're doing with cropping, moving and resizing is the only current way.

    Same thing with the question about the grid - when you align them with this option, their spacing will always be the same, you'd have to adjust them manually.

    They're both excellent ideas for features, though! I'd suggest posting them on our Feature Ideas page: Our team looks at those to find new features so if you get a good amount of upvotes from other users, your ideas have better chances :)

    Let us know if you need help with anything else!


  • Commenting, because I would also love this feature as well. The ability to set the specific specs of a shape, instead of resizing by dragging the object.

  • Also would love the ability to enter specific dimensions for shapes (and to do this via bulk edit)

  • Resizing frequently wastes valuable time. Look at the Align options menu. At the bottom is Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically. CONSIDER ADDING "MATCH SIZE HORIZONTALLY" and "MATCH SIZE VERTICALLY" for two easy commands that will save users HUGE amounts of time.

    A good metric will be the frequency that these two commands are used. My guess is users will select a group then apply these two commands along with the alignment and distribution commands. The result will be Murals that look better in presentations.

    This will make Mural users look more competent and professional. (Which will make Mural's product manager look more competent and professional, too.)

  • Yes please. I was surprised this wasn't available.

  • +1 on This. Love Archer's suggestion of a Match Size, or a Lock Size/Lock Width/Lock Height.

    Use Case: Adjusting duration of a roadmap item, but not wanting to deal with height changes (only duration/length of shapes).