💡Feature Idea: Improve shortcuts, introduce keyboard shortcut for locking elements

edited August 2021 in Feature Ideas

The UX of Mural requires additional inputs that I find very cumbersome.

Why do I have to hold down three buttons to generate a text field or a rectangular box?, they can easily be done with one simple input such as 'T' or 'R'.

Also, why are there no shortcuts to lock element? We should be able to lock it via ctrl+l from keyboard. Having to select and then right click again just increases the steps and is bad UX.

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  • Please add lock (e.g. Ctrl + L) shortcut.

  • +1 to this this feedback. The keyboard shorcuts for zooming in and out could be simplified too — I don't want to fold down 2 keyboard keys + click, it's a lot easier to just hold down 'z' and '+' and '-'.

    Alternatively, I'd LOVE to be able to customize my shortcuts so that I can make them the same across all the design tools I use.