💡Feature Idea: Option to copy/duplicate the comments as well as object

Gerry ✭✭
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We would like an option to copy/duplicate the comments as well as object when using existing copy/duplicate functionality. Maybe a three key shortcut would work as it would not be as frequent a function as others

Why?, We are getting client teams who copy objects (mainly Stickies and Text) asking us why their comments they have added to the object are not copied when they duplicate within a canvas or when they copy some objects from one canvas to another.

Having this option to have comments and objects copied/duplicate together would save teams manual effort to copy individual comments threads etc within and between canvases.

Although this is will be a good feature on it's own i also observe that some of the teams using the duplicate/copy between canvases would ultimately benefit from a previous feature idea

Both features would be ideal.

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  • Our company is also experience this gap and would like to see it closed to help save time. Right now, I have to copy and paste text across multiple comments.

  • Yes. This seems like an oversight. Since the comment is attached to a shape (or whatever), we are a bit confused as to why it doesn't accompany the shape when we copy it to a new mural. We have hundreds of shapes with comments that we can't imagine copying over.

  • Any update on this option? I would also like to revise and recreate my diagrams without loosing comments

  • A year later, no update? This bug is super annoying.