💡Feature Idea: An API to generate Mural-Elements programmatically

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This would open up a whole range of possibilities in the extension ecosystem.

I am currently part of a research project that aims to facilitate creativity and perspective changes around user story mapping using AI / NLP. On a high level, that means "give me 5 existing user stories and I'll generate another one, you may have overlooked."

This works especially well for anti storys, i.e. the perspective of malicious users, and all kinds of perspectives that the analyst finds it hard to switch to.

One option of using this would be inviting the bot as a collaborator to a mural board. And, given the API, this kind of generated stories will appear near the existing stories as discussion starters. Not all of them will be useful. But most of the time we can point analysts to something relevant they have not considered yet.

Mural is a useful choice of "presentation layer" for me, because it can already sync with Jira etc. after the creative debate has been settled.

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