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I would love to be able to add text onto the arrow itself. This is available in Miro and makes our lives a lot easier as it moves with the arrow if I move the object connected to the arrow. OTherwise, if I add text next to the arrow (like when there is a decision in a flow, a "No" or "Yes") I have to move those separately.

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  • I have only been using MURAL since last year, but I've always been able to add text on the arrow by double clicking on the arrow and then just start typing. You'll know it's ready to accept text because it'll show a blinking cursor in a little gap of white space...here's how it looks on my end.

  • @Helen yes they have implemented this feature since I posted here. Thank you though.

  • Awesome, just stumbled in here and didn't see any follow-up so glad you're already sorted!