⚡⚡ Quick tip: Get inline with the ✨ OUTLINE ✨ 🧜  🧜 

If a feature was a superhero it would probably be the ‘Outline’!

When I am facilitating a session, I love that I can place my own notes in there. Why? It gives my participants and me context for what we are doing, we don't get lost in the canvas at large, it allows for handy navigation.

What notes go where? 

Add descriptions of the activity, add helpful links for participants to get more information about the activity, pepper in some questions to stir up more thoughts. You are the chef! *Chefs kiss*

How do I get around a large mural?

When you add something to an outline, it creates a link to that location in your mural automatically. It also will get you there at the correct zoom level. This is a life-saver for facilitation and presentation. Open the door for a smooth operator!!

Have you discovered your outline Superpower yet?

If so, how has it helped you become a SUPER facilitator? How else do you use outlines?


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    I love the hide function! I use this to help focus my participants on specific parts of the canvas! Thanks for the tips!