⚡⚡ Quick tip — Virtual Meeting Prep

Big, virtual meeting coming up? The work ⚒ that goes into your virtual meeting is almost as important as what happens the day of.

Here's my basic check list

  • Who's coming?❔
  • What's the outcome of the meeting?🥅
  • What tools do we have available to use day of?💻
  • Do we need pre-work?🏫
  • What activities am I going to facilitate to meet the outcome? 🎴

Looking for a place to start? Use the Planning Remote Meetings template to engage your client in collaborative planning.

Want some more helpful hints? Check out "Your Meeting Prep Checklist" for some background.

What check list do you use to prep for meetings?


  • Chris_W
    Chris_W ✭✭

    This is a great Mural, @hailey . Thank you for sharing!

    I can add one best practice that has made a world of difference for us. We always hold open office hours on WebEx for 3 days leading up to the event, and require all participants to join for 10-15 minutes at their convenience. When they join, we confirm that they have access to the Mural, and that they can perform some basics like adding a sticky note, adding text, following someone, and navigating around. This alleviates most of the inevitable snafus that occur when we have new users.

  • @Chris_W this is such helpful advice. Plus, I imagine it gives you and the team peace of mind, too. Do you invite them into the mural you'll be using for the session, or do you make another one just for the "office hours"?

  • Chris_W
    Chris_W ✭✭

    Actually @hailey, we do have them join the actual Mural that will use for the session. This smoothes the runway to the session. As you already guessed, though, it depends on our team's finishing the Mural prep a few days ahead. 💡

  • @Chris_W that makes sense. Any mural examples you can share? I'm always looking for inspiration to share with others 😀

  • @hailey I would be happy to have a quick call and show you a few. Unfortunately, I cannot share links to any client-facing examples. Most of the exciting template elements I have borrowed from MURAL or from the MURAL blog ;D

  • Would love to @Chris_W. Find a time that works best for you here: 15 mins or 30 mins

  • @hailey all between 21:00 and 02:30 AM in my current time zone. I will rain check until I shift zones. Be well!